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Relax and enjoy an amazing spa experience in Bucharest


Remember a magic that only you can do: to give yourself a moment of peace and joy.

Lotus Spa is an urban sanctuary that helps you instantly change the frequency from the Beta of daily agitation to the Alpha of inner calm. Canopy rooms, soothing music, exotic scents, tea ritual - they will transport you gently to another dimension. You will meet warm, big-hearted people, guides who can help you.


We created Lotus Spa with this intention: to bring healing and evolution in physical, emotional and spiritual way. We want you to find your magic and joy.


We are looking forward to your visit!







Lotus Spa Otopeni



Lotus Spa Bucuresti



Do you want to escape from those action-packed and stressful days?

Do you need an oasis of peace and relaxation where you can enjoy a complete pampering of mind and body?

Even if you don't have time or you don't have the opportunity to take refuge outside the city, there is still a space where you can feel like escaping from everyday life, for at least a few hours.

In a world full of hustle and stress it is important to give yourself this moment of respite to see life from a different perspective.


We await you for a total pampering of your body and mind in our SPA Center in Bucharest or Otopeni, whether you are looking for a Spa salon in Bucharest that offers you massage, Spa rituals, body remodeling, sauna, cosmetics or even thinking about parties in an impressive space like a SPA.


Regardless of how many successes you have had, a moment of relaxation is that gift you can give yourself to enjoy life to the fullest from a completely new energy, one of joy, complete relaxation, peace and self-esteem.


Lotus Spa is that sanctuary of tranquility in the middle of the city that helps you change your state, mood, frequency from that of agitation and multitasking, to a complete experience of relaxation and revitalization of mind and body that will make you feel that you have reborn.


Benefit from personalized treatments to improve your health and mood and return to the essence of complete relaxation.

Whether you choose therapeutic massage,   Zen, Intuitive, Magic Glow, Thai Fusion, Deep Muscle Tonic, Volcanic Rock Massage and more or you want exfoliations, wraps, body contouring, sauna,cosmetic treatments, physiotherapy or Bowen therapy, here is the place where you can enjoy all these premium quality services, offered by specialized and experienced staff, in a dream location.


Choose to feel revitalized and relaxed in this oasis of peace, calm and comfort, specially designed to give you or a loved one an unforgettable experience. Moreover, we offer you good subscription prices so that you can enjoy the services that brought you total relaxation on a regular basis.



Whether you want to surprise a loved one or you want to celebrate a special occasion, our gift packages will definitely be a pleasant surprise and will offer a memorable experience, even to the most demanding people.

We have prepared a series of gift vouchers that include various combinations of body and / or facial therapies, designed to fit certain value thresholds, but also to meet certain types of needs.

What our guests say:

Mirela Vaida la Lotus Spa

Mirela Vaida
- TV artist and show host -

It is wonderful to be the parent of 3 small children, but let's face it, it's tiring. For some time now I have been trying, as much as possible, to give myself at least one hour of relaxation, once a week and to go for a massage.

I found a welcoming place, with good energy, balance and harmony! I had the best massage and the warmest atmosphere at LOTUS SPA. For an hour, I even managed to disconnect and regain my energy.


It was perfect! I'll be back soon !!

Dana Nalbaru la Lotus Spa

Dana Nălbaru
- artist -

Lotus Spa Bucharest has recently opened and I am delighted to have discovered it. The location is absolutely magnificent. If you don't know what gift to give to a loved one, a Lotus Spa voucher is a great idea! I highly recommend. 

Dragos Bucur la Lotus Spa

Dragos Bucur
- actor and TV host -

I found a good massage place next to the office, I think I subscribe :))

Mihaela Calin la Lotus Spa

Mihaela Călin
-  TV presenters -

A wonderful experience!

Nice people I talked to not only about massage, but also about nutrition, crystals and calm in a crazy world. I purified my energies with a Tibetan vessel and I understood that there are quite a few people who do not lead their lives after  program, target and image.


A place to escape to paradise!

About our services

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All Videos

All Videos
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Masaj de cuplu

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Masaj cu Roci Vulcanice Calde

Masaj cu Roci Vulcanice Calde

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Lotus Otopeni

Lotus Otopeni

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10 lucruri despre Epilarea Definitiva-Lotus Spa

10 lucruri despre Epilarea Definitiva-Lotus Spa

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You're welcome!


Monday - Saturday: 10:00 to 21:00,

Sunday: 10:00 to 19:00



(Bd Expozitiei area, bd. Ion Mihalache)

str. Aviator Traian Vasile, Nr 70, Bucharest

tel: 0753 010 803


(Mega Image area, exit to Tunari)

str. Avram Iancu, nr 94D, Otopeni, jud Ilfov

tel: 0742 266 755

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