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Organic Hair Treatments

Revitalizes and restructures the hair, through an intensive treatment, which is based on organic ingredients!


Oway treatments provide the hair and scalp with the nutrients and antioxidants needed to repair the oxidative stress to which hair and skin are subjected, especially during the summer, repairing structural damage and severe dehydration. Oway hair and scalp treatments make a simple beauty session a multi-sensory experience, which helps the hair to maintain its shine and vitality in the long run.

Hair Structural Rebuilding     240 - 290 lei*
Personalized program that helps to restructure fine or damaged hair.
Intense Hydration Treatment     240 lei*
Deep hydrating synergy for very dry, dehydrated thick or curly hair.

Sebum Rebalancing Treatment     210 lei*
Detoxifying, re-balancing method for skin and hair with excess sebum.

Soothing Treatment     210 lei*
Ultra-gentle soothing treatment for sensitive skin.

* All Oway treatments include head massage, blowing and styling.

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Hair Straightening Treatment with Keratin Honma Tokyo

If you find yourself in one of the following situations, then this is the right treatment for you:

  • you waste a lot of time styling your hair

  • the hair tangles and takes a long time to comb

  • the hair has lost its shine and elasticity

  • the hair is rebellious and is very frizzy

  • you want your hair to always be straight, arranged (like after a salon), without extra effort

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Hair Straightening Treatment with Keratin Honma Tokyo

250 - 650 lei *

- effect up to 6 months -

* the final price is calculated according to the length of the hair

40 lei / 10g Keratin or Btox


From manufacturers who focus on innovation, who discover new formulas and ingredients that are less harmful, without annoying odor, suitable for any type of hair, the products in the Honma Tokyo range do not contain formalin / formalin and have different types of keratin, so find the right solution for any hair type.

Gents  Spa Haircut 

Haircut                                                    60 lei

This is a complete package that includes haircut, wash and massage of the face and scalp.

Because we are a spa and  we believe in relaxation and pampering, at every haircut, we also offer a 10-minute massage session for the face, scalp and neck.  This little ritual radically changes the mood,  helps to release tension and  brings positive energy.


The products used are organic products  Oway, special for gentlemen, containing lilac and mint flower stem cells, which stimulate hair growth, having an invigorating effect.

Image by Jan Kopřiva

Complete packages



Dye * + Wash + Blow                   190 lei

Wash & Blow                            100 lei

Haircut & Wash & Blow            150 lei

Highlights for short hair             80 lei

Highlights for medium hair      110 lei

+ 20 lei (Oway washing)

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Complete packages


Dye * + Wash + Blow                  210 lei

Wash & Blow                            120 lei

Haircut & Wash & Blow             170 lei

Highlights for medium hair       140 lei

+ 20 lei (Oway washing)



250 lei

This package is meant to enhance your hair. A fresh look and a more intense color, but also a beautiful and healthy hair, full of shine that will attract all eyes.

Includes: Dyed * I Haircut I Washed + Infusion treatment for damaged hair I Styling

* Package price includes 1 dye tube and manpower for dying, bleaching, washing and blowing.

Brushing Hair


1 dye tube                                       80 lei

1 cup bleaching powder                   40 lei

Wella Plex (5ml)                               40 lei

10 ml Oway organic bleach               30 lei

Wella Repair Infusion Treatment       40 lei


Tuns breton                        15 lei

Haircut                        70 lei

Simple wash                      40 lei

Haircut                          60 lei

**  Depending on the procedure chosen, the length and structure of the hair, the final price will take into account the total number of dye tubes used and the amount of  discoloration product, and care will be used.