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Incorrect posture and lack of movement can have serious consequences over time. They decrease the quality of life and mobility, aspects that lead to pain.

Through physical therapy exercises, the aim is to regain muscle strength, muscle balance and improve the connection between the brain and muscles, in order to maintain a correct posture and eliminate pain.


  • Combating pain and the inflammatory process

  • Restoration of joint and muscle mobility;

  • Correcting the deficient attitudes of the scapulo-humeral belt;

  • Correcting postures and body alignment.

Conditions addressed:

  • Scoliosis (the spine is not straight but twisted, deviated in the frontal plane)

  • Lordosis (deviation of the spine with anterior convexity)

  • Kyphosis (antero-posterior curvature of the thoracic spine)

  • Knees in valgus (X), or genu valgum, and Knees in var (O), or genu varum: well-structured exercises can correct static disorders of the knee; 

  • Prevention of illnesses: also through exercises, mental comfort and strengthening of the immune system are ensured

When designing any type of exercise program and therapeutic massage, the physiotherapist will consider the following aspects: the medical history the person has, the condition for which he will be treated and the stage of its evolution, the type of activity of the patient, age and lifestyle.

Adults kinetotherapy: 45 min - 150 lei

Back pain does not escape anyone, especially in the current context of increasingly digitized activities and office work, in front of a computer.

Here are some signs that you need physical therapy:

  • You perform office work, which requires sitting for a long time;

  • You have a sedentary lifestyle

  • You have back pain or numbness in your legs or hands

  • You feel that your back posture is not quite right


Kids Kinetotherapy: 30 min - 130 lei

It is a reality that young people and children spend more and more time in front of the computer or with the phone in hand - this aspect often results in an incorrect posture, maintained for a long time. For children, physical recovery exercises or physical therapy are necessary if:

  • I spend a lot of time at the office or at the computer;

  • The sports lesson at school is not done or is not enough;

  • You notice that they adopt an incorrect back position;

  • The child lacks energy and enthusiasm, feels more tired all the time and does not have a restful sleep.