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What is The Hour of Gratitude?

It means something you can do for those who can't afford to come to the spa and take care of them.  


  Take time to relax and reflect on all the blessings in your life!  


Each Hour of Gratitude Session you purchase will help us donate one massage to those who need it, with the help of the Non-Profit Associations we work with.

The Hour of Gratitude is a one-hour General Massage for the purchaser AND it will be the gift of another one-hour General Massage to a local non-profit organization working with breast cancer patients and survivors.


The price of this package is 360 lei.


We assure you that your gift will be received with the utmost gratitude and will help the less fortunate to enjoy deep relaxation and support.




(60 MIN)



(60 MIN)

360 lei