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Personal Development Programs



Integrated program of

Nutrition and Lifestyle (Body. Mind. Soul)

There are many weight loss or detox programs out there, though  we believe that results can only be maintained if you understand the causes and work holistically.

The human body is a complex machine, with several integrated systems on which we depend on its proper functioning. To give maximum performance, you need the way they relate  to be optimized, each system taken separately unable to ensure the proper functioning of the whole mechanism.

1. Optimal weight by developing a personalized diet plan, starting from your current health and taking into account your goals.


2. Vitality and mental clarity (without the need for 3 coffees a day).


3. Well-being, balance in plan  physically and mentally.

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Patient Coach, Nutritionist and Pilates Instructor

Cosmina has a special story, which makes her extremely dedicated to her work with the center's clients.  Cosmina is a survivor of  cancer,  at only 27 years old, and in 2016 she received the “Woman of the Year” trophy in the “Peer Initiative” category awarded by Avantaje Magazine.

She is currently the president of the Imunis Association dedicated to patients diagnosed with cancer and Patient Coach at Donna Medical Center, Quantum Therapy and Colentina Hospital.

In her fight against cancer, Cosmina has completely reinvented herself:  has been certified as a Nutritionist Technician, has taken courses in nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics and is studying  epigenetics and precision nutrition, becoming and  Pilates instructor and practicing meditation.

Cosmina does not believe in miracle recipes and techniques, but in respecting the bioindividuality of each one and working with personal emotional baggage. Cosmina will teach you to listen to your body and emotions and to apply healthy habits with a long-term effect.


"I strongly believe in the possibility of living a balanced life and I invite you to go on this path if you are willing to buy a ticket. It doesn't have to be a diagnosis, it can only be a desire for prevention. In fact, the secret password is: a life without chronic diseases ”(Cosmina Grigore).

Program structure

9 x 1.5 hours - Weekly evolution assessment and coaching meetings

3 x 4 hours -  Seminars to present the theoretical principles


Period: April 4 - June 26, 2020

Module 1

It all starts with digestion and absorption

  • The key to a healthy body is a tract and a system  healthy digestive

  • Inflammation is the source of major metabolic diseases (autoimmune diseases, allergies, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer)

  • Detoxification: is it for me or not?

  • Which is  optimal nutrition for me, to support my chosen lifestyle?

  • We will learn to design our own personalized food plan

Module 2

  • The role of hormones in maintaining metabolic balance

  • What are the benefits of a good, restful sleep?

  • What are the effects of the most important vitamin deficiency on our metabolism?

  • We learn about natural supplements: how, how much and what do we take?

  • How do we integrate sports and other body therapies into our lives to support a healthy and efficient metabolism?

Module 3

  • What is the relationship between the nervous system and metabolism?

  • How can we correctly identify the level of stress we have?

  • How do I regroup during stressful times?

  • How can we increase our mental clarity?

  • I am learning how and why to integrate new healthy habits to lead a lifestyle with long-term beneficial effects.

Rebalancing metabolism 

Mental clarity  and spiritual balance

The benefits of the program


It is an integrated program that looks at the body as a whole, outlining how you can support a healthy lifestyle in the long run, because you understand how the whole system works. Whether we are talking about losing weight or gaining weight, whether we are talking about mental clarity or emotional balance, the benefits will come.  anyway, but more importantly, it will help you maintain them in the long run. How will this happen? By training for 3 months to achieve the desired goal, we will end up changing our perception  mental, becoming  credible for the body and increasing the chances that the change will continue later.


It is a program folded on objectives  to each participant, everything starting from the understanding  profound way of working.  


Cosmina is with you weekly: you have an hour dedicated to monitoring your evolution, an hour in which we identify together the answers to the questions that arise along the way. You can also call on the support of the community at any time, through the group we form for the participants in this program.


It all starts with the results of the medical tests on which the personalized diet plan will be developed.  You will see evidence of progress at each weekly meeting  we will also perform body composition analysis to make sure that progress is healthy.  



Nothing is accidental in the elaboration of this  program, all principles are the result of studies and experience in the fields: nutrition, psychonutrition and mindfulness.


Nothing is accidental in the elaboration of this  program, all the principles applied are the result of studies and experience in the fields: nutrition, psychonutrition and mindfulness and  of the results obtained over time by Cosmina's patients.

What does that mean for you?

Attendance at a weekly meeting of about an hour and a half.

Attendance at the theoretical seminar once a month, Saturday, 4 hours

3 months of responsible involvement for the implementation of the agreed plan

1,500 lei

(ie 125 lei / session)

Enrollment in the program

The program will run for 12 consecutive weeks, with the following structure:


Program period:

April 4, 2019 - 26  June 2020

Terrorist seminars:

3 theoretical seminars x 4 hours,

time slot:  10: 30-14: 30, on the following days:


Saturday, April 4  2020

Saturday, May 9  2020 

Saturday, June 6  2020

9 weekly meetings ,

Wednesday night, 7: 00-8: 30 p.m.


Group: max 15  participant