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Soul Gym

The world we live in is putting us to the test. We have more and more responsibilities, plans, directions of action. We are always in action and often reach the end of the day without energy. Sleep is left waiting, thoughts do not give us peace, worries gather.


It is time to remember that health, balance and joy come only from within. We are responsible for our own energy, for our own soul. He needs us: to connect with him, to listen to what he tells us, to help him help us. Day by day, as much as we can.


Soul Gym is a meditative, energetic and spiritual practice group coordinated by Stefan Teodorescu, co-founder of Lotus Spa, certified Mindfulness trainer and Reiki master. Within the group, we exchange ideas, share experiences, support and encourage ourselves to put into practice the concepts and techniques learned.



Soul Gym meets weekly on Monday afternoon (in the attic of Lotus Spa Bucharest or online). Access is based on a monthly subscription worth 200 lei per participant. The first participation is free.


(2 hours)


Price: 250 lei / month

Organization: Monday

Time interval: 18: 00-20: 00


What do some of the participants in the Soul Gym program say?


Lotus Spa sessions are for me an extraordinary tool for controlling and reducing anxiety with multiple related benefits: better and restful sleep, focus and focus on what matters; self-discovery (with a calm mind, see more and more clearly; understand much better what is around and what we are)

It was a very nice crescendo, starting with the Friday night sessions. then with the Energy / Money Courses, and continued with the weekly practice: the learning, the group and the individual practice. Lotus Spa seminars are a portal to that something in us and in life that is true, powerful, good and extraordinarily beautiful.


Soul Gym opened for me a door to the wonderful world of the soul. Peace, tranquility and joy through meditation are just words until you experience. And the soul needs practice to find them. 

Stefan guides us with warmth and gentleness on a path in which we discover at every step something more about ourselves and the beauty of our soul and heart


The Soul Gym practice group helped me discover myself - deeper, more complex, more harmonious. It is like an inner journey in which you manage to talk to your authentic Self, to angels, to Masters and find out how unique and divine you are. Through meditation, prayer, reflection, and other spiritual practices, you find yourself away from the noise of the world and the opinions of others. It helped me a lot to apply the theory in practice and not do it alone. Finding people to connect with on high vibrations, grow and evolve together is special.

Once you start your journey to Soul Gym, you want to continue every day, so for me it's a new lifestyle. Thank you very much!


I joined the group at the beginning of this year out of curiosity and the desire to try something new, starting from the intention to take care of myself. But this experience was much more than that. A space of security and trust that, from the beginning, gave me courage and helped me find my "voice". People with whom I can share ideas, thoughts, emotions without feeling at any time other than at ease. A mentor who, with gentleness and patience, helps us find our own path, at the right pace, at the right time.

For signing-up in our program, please leave us your contact details and we will get back to you.

Thank you!