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What is Bowen Therapy?

A subtle and relaxing treatment that gently moves muscles and soft tissues.

Bowen is a holistic therapy, which is based on triggering the self-healing capacity of our own body. By applying Bowen's specific, extremely delicate movements to certain precise locations on the body, we awaken the "Inner Doctor" who takes command and begins the healing process!


What does it consist of?

A Bowen treatment consists of applying delicate movements, performed with the fingers, on certain specific points on the body. There are pauses of a few minutes between the sequences of movements to give the body the opportunity to process the messages transmitted through neurotransmitters.


Who is it for?  

  Bowen therapy is suitable and useful for anyone from newborns to the elderly. Gives amazing results in treating acute, chronic, neurological or psycho-somatic conditions.

What does it treat?

Skeletal-muscular and articular problems 
Diseases of the internal organs (problems with the kidneys, liver, gallbladder, stomach and intestines, etc.)
Infertility, ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids
Hormonal and emotional imbalances
Chronic stress and fatigue, sleep problems
Migraines and headaches
Respiratory disorders, bronchitis and asthma
Immune system diseases
Sequelae after strokes


Session duration

price / session


45 min

120 lei


60 min

150 lei

The first session will include an anamnesis discussion with the therapist that will last 20-30 minutes to understand the medical history and the targeted objectives.

Questions & Answers:

How many meetings will I need?

There is no set number of sessions, it depends on how each body reacts, but it is certain that you should see improvements in a maximum of 4-5 sessions. Reducing pain or discomfort to the point of extinction is the only way your body can tell you that it has returned to balance.

The speed with which the body responds to treatment also depends on factors such as: age, lifestyle, compliance with specific guidelines in Bowen therapy, the type and age of the disease (a health problem that has occurred for a long time and has not been treated. to disappear overnight, because the body will work to reset itself, at its own pace), whether or not the patient causes relapses, etc.

How is the Bowen therapy applied?

You can work in both over clothes or directly on the skin.

Condition for working on clothes: the patient should wear thin and light clothing, made of cotton. For example: T-shirt / T-shirt and non-slip pants when performing Bowen therapy-specific movements. Excluded: tights, molded T-shirts, synthetics, jeans, thick pants.

No oils or creams are used.

Do I have to do anything before or during a Bowen session?

It is very important that you come with your own healing intentions!

Before and after each session you will need to drink half a glass of water.

During the session, disconnect from everything that presses or stresses you, turn off the phone ringer and relax deeply, to relax the central nervous system, If during the session you do not have to worry about what is happening to you , is a common effect of therapy and one of the signs that your body responds very well to therapy.  You will need to allow the therapy-induced relaxation to set in, avoiding getting tense or thinking about what you might say or ask the therapist.

The first part of the session is to bring the body into a deep state of relaxation (called alpha), so that the following movements can address the health problem.

You will not listen to relaxing music. All sessions will take place quietly, and between the sets of movements that the therapist will apply you will be left to rest, alone in the room. It takes a few minutes (at least 2 minutes) for the body to assimilate the messages transmitted by Bowen's movements.

In the days following the therapy session, it is recommended to follow the general recommendations of Bowen therapy (water consumption of at least 30 ml / kg body weight, light walks, etc.), but also some specific ones in case of certain ailments.

What should I do after a Bowen meeting?

avoid any other manual therapy (massage, reflexology), energy treatments, 5 days before and 5 days after treatment;

• do not take hot or very cold showers / baths, Scottish showers (avoid exposure to extreme temperatures). Impulses transmitted during the Bowen therapy session may be reversed. Hot baths and showers are allowed.

• do not practice intense phisycal training

• Avoid excessive coffee consumption. If you are used to drinking a coffee a day and you can't give up, the effect of a cup of coffee is annihilated by 2 glasses of water.

How often should Bowen meetings be held?

The sessions are generally held once every 7 days, during which time the body works to restore health. In the case of certain diseases, a longer period between sessions is required, depending on the body's response.

Does Bowen Therapy Influence Drug Treatment?

Bowen therapy is a complementary, non-invasive therapy that does not exclude allopathic medicine and does not adversely affect the drug treatment you are taking. It does not force the body to execute a command, but "stimulates" through the movements applied by the therapist the rebalancing of the body and the elimination of the cause that triggered the appearance of a disease.

Does Bowen therapy apply to those who do not suffer from it?

You can receive therapy even if you do not have health problems, in order to maintain your high tone (physical and mental), a state of well-being and relaxation. Patients who have a very demanding job, work long hours a day, often resort to Bowen therapy and after solving their problems because it relaxes them, they get rid of nervousness and stress. There are procedures for relaxation, with an extraordinary effect when the body says: “Stop! I need a break to recharge my batteries! ”

In Bowen therapy there are no side effects, contraindications and overdose. It has no limits on the people it addresses, being useful to anyone (from newborns to the elderly).