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How to fully enjoy a day to the spa

Because our main goal is to help you regain your inner balance, peace and recharge with positive energy, we offer below some recommendations on how you can ensure a pleasant and relaxing experience, from start to finish.
All therapies on our menu have been specially designed by our consultants and practitioners, taking into account the maximization of the therapeutic effect. Any exception to the standard offers (composition or duration) requires prior consultation with and agreement with the therapist. You will also receive information about the specific elements of each therapy, their benefits, as well as possible treatment schemes that you can perform. to get maximum effects.
Programare la spa


Make the appointments you want in advance (we recommend one week before your visit),

Couple massages as well as spa parties must be scheduled at least 2 weeks before the desired date, to ensure that we can honor the day and time you want.


You can make the appointment either by phone or by e-mail, being informed then about the availability of therapists, the program, the duration of therapy and its price.



Anularea unei programari la spa


We kindly ask you to contact us at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to cancel a specific appointment.


We will make sure that you receive a remittance text message the day before, so that you can let us know if you want to cancel, by simply sending a text message.


In case of cancellations received on the same day, for the sessions within the subscriptions or the treatment schemes, we will consider the respective service performed, taking the session from the subscription.


If there is no such subscription, in the future we will ask you to pay us in advance the price of the service, when making the appointment.

Ce mancam inainte de a merge la spa


Do not eat a heavy meal just before therapy. Also, do not consume too much water, so as not to interrupt the therapy to go to the bathroom.

Do not consume alcohol, even before or after therapy, because it will dehydrate the body very much.


It is also very important to arrive at the spa at least 5-10 minutes before the appointment time, this being considered the start time of the scheduled service. In case of delay, we will have to shorten the duration of the scheduled service, but it will have to be paid in full.

Lotus Spa Bucuresti


Arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time to register and start relaxing. If you arrive late, the therapy will end at the time originally set, with you paying the full price, even if the duration was shorter.


To better enter the state of relaxation and relaxation, we recommend that you enjoy a tea while putting your phone on silent mode. Please fill in the guest form on the first visit to our center. It will provide important information to therapists to recommend the most appropriate therapy for you.


If you wish to take a shower before the start of therapy, please make sure that you have the necessary time so that the therapy can start at the time initially set. Our center provides clean towels, slippers and bathrobes.

Masaj Bucuresti


Once in the room, the therapist will come out while you get comfortable and cover yourself with the towel. You will be draped with a towel throughout the therapy, ensuring your comfort and privacy at all times.


Disposable linen will be provided in the room, and we ask you to wear it throughout the therapy or you can choose to keep your underwear.


Please take all your personal belongings with you to the therapy room. Jewelry and watch please remove them before starting therapy.

Communicate to the therapist your preferences regarding the room temperature, the volume of music and the pressure achieved during the massage maneuvers, right at the beginning of the therapy, in order to subsequently benefit from all the desired comfort.


Close your eyes and relax. Try not to have a conversation, to fully enjoy the benefits of therapy and get such precious peace and calm.

Ritualul ceaiului la spa


You can stay in the room for a few extra moments after finishing the therapy, to come back slowly. Do not get off the bed suddenly and try to place both feet on the floor at the same time.


After you get dressed and take all your personal belongings out of the room, we are waiting for you in the relaxation area on the ground floor, to enjoy a tea or a lemonade.

It is important to stay well hydrated.


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