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Laser Hair Removal for Men

Decide to look flawless. Choose the definitive laser hair removal service for men at Lotus Spa in Bucharest or Otopeni

Are you a man who wants to look flawless but doesn't know how to get rid of unsightly body hair?

Have you tried various methods, but none of them had the desired effect, or did you feel too much pain during the epilation process? Well, Lotus SPA has the perfect solution for you: the ultimate laser hair removal for men, a state-of-the-art device that has 3 wavelengths. Now you don't have to worry about repeated epilation, which can be painful and uncomfortable. Instead, you can benefit from one of the easiest and non-invasive procedures for permanent hair removal and enjoy long-term results. T

he revolutionary technology of the permanent laser hair removal equipment with 3 wavelengths allows us to reach different depths, removing all hairs from the anagen stage, regardless of skin or hair color. Body hair removal, especially on the back, can be a real challenge for many men. Save precious time, and at the same time, get rid of the itching and irritation that appear after you shave. Choose professional laser hair removal services for men with Dioda Laser machine at the smartest prices on the market!


In certain sports, such as: bodybuilding, swimming, football or cycling, epilation is even recommended to prevent and prevent the growth of hairs under the skin, which can cause discomfort, irritation and other inconveniences.

Benefits enabled by this laser machine:

✅ Maximum efficiency

✅ No pain

✅ Eliminates folliculitis

✅ Prevents the growth of threads under the skin

✅ Very short treatment time

✅ Guaranteed results, visible from the first session


Price per Session


160 lei

Antebrate (ambele)

120 lei

Brațe integral (include zona degetelor)

216 lei

Axilă (ambele)

80 lei


240 lei


110 lei

Spate - zona superioară

220 lei

Spate - zona lombară

220 lei

Spate integral

390 lei

Contur barbă

132 lei

Între sprâncene

40 lei


80 lei

Gambe/ Picioare scurt

250 lei


280 lei

Picioare complet

420 lei


60 lei


60 lei


60 lei


60 lei


Guaranteed and fast results whether you choose the ultimate hair removal for men for beard, sideburns, abdomen, arms, calves or other areas of the body

Nowadays, not only women want to enjoy a beautiful appearance and perfect skin, but also men. If you consider yourself a man for whom both appearance and comfort are important, permanent epilation sessions for the beard, sideburns, abdomen, arms, calves or back can be that quick, painless and effective method to get rid of unwanted hair on body. At Lotus SPA, you can opt for the definitive epilation of any area of ​​the body, without wasting time and energy with methods that do not give results and that seem far too painful. Now you can get smooth and velvety skin in the simplest and most effective way. And to make sure that you get good results and that the hair removal session is comfortable for you, we offer you the opportunity to test an area of ​​your choice for free. Thus, you can see with your own eyes how easy and effective permanent laser hair removal works, and you will be convinced that it is worth resorting to this procedure. Choose the ultimate laser hair removal at Lotus Spa and you will have smooth and beautiful skin without any pain or discomfort.

What benefits do you enjoy by choosing the hair removal service for men from Lotus SPA with the best performing laser of the moment?

Opt for professional permanent hair removal sessions for men in our spa, but much more advanced than other salons. Here you enjoy an effective procedure that guarantees you not only amazing and fast results, but also state-of-the-art equipment that will cause less pain. With us, you will benefit from a multitude of advantages when it comes to hair removal, regardless of the body area you prefer. ​


Here are just a few of them:

  • Improved performance in fewer sessions compared to other devices is due to modern technology that includes four types of laser.

  • During epilation, you are assured of increased comfort thanks to the skin cooling technology that keeps the surface of the skin cool while the laser energy reaches the hair follicle.

  • This technology is rare in other devices on the market, which leads to the reduction of the laser energy used to protect the skin, which means more sessions and higher costs.

  • With USP (Ultra Short Pulse) technology, the device offers you efficient hair removal and increased skin protection, reaching the optimal temperature to destroy the hair after the first 3 milliseconds, without affecting the surrounding tissue.

  • This state-of-the-art device improves the quality of your skin by effectively removing ingrown hairs and solves problems with folliculitis and hirsutism or hypertrichosis (excessive hairiness).

  • It is one of the fastest permanent hair removal devices on the market, offering laser pulse repetition rates and different applicator sizes for a personalized treatment. This leads to a significant reduction in the time required for the procedure.

  • Epilation with this device is completely painless thanks to the built-in "crystal freeze" cooling system, which adjusts the temperature generated by the light on the skin. In addition, with us you will find the atmosphere specific to a spa, where peace, personal comfort and relaxation are put first.


Depilight PRO is a 100% safe method, approved by the FDA and meets ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards specific to medical equipment. So choose to enjoy painless, safe and highly effective hair removal sessions at Lotus SPA.

How to prepare for your laser hair removal session for men?

Regardless of whether or not you have had a permanent hair removal session before, before each session, you will receive all the information you need from the Lotus SPA specialist, so you will know exactly what you have to do and what will happen during the procedure . A recommendation that is good to consider is to shave exclusively with the razor before the treatment, because the laser does not differentiate between the hairs above the skin and those under the skin. ​ Another important thing is to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or tanning beds for a few days before and after waxing.

What happens during the hair removal procedure?

During the first depilation session with Depilight PRO, the Lotus SPA specialist will check the area to be treated to ensure that it is in optimal condition. After this, he will test a small portion of the skin to assess its response to the laser, and only then will he continue with the rest of the epilation area. To ensure a perfect contact with the skin, the specialist will apply a layer of colorless gel, which is an ultrasound conductor. The specialist will choose the right option for the hair removal procedure depending on factors such as your skin type, hair color and density.

How soon will you see results?

Depilight PRO can deliver high energy targeted specifically to the hair follicle, making it possible to achieve the desired results in just 6-8 weeks, compared to other permanent hair removal devices that require 8-12 weeks. The interval between sessions can vary depending on several factors, but is usually around 8 weeks. ​ From the first session, Depilight PRO can reduce hair growth by over 75% for most people. Here it is important to note that the hair does not fall out immediately after the first epilation session, but only after about 14 days from the epilation date. So you will have to be a little patient to see the results.

Are there any contraindications to permanent laser hair removal for men?

YES, there are some situations in which permanent laser hair removal is contraindicated. These include infections, open wounds, ulcers, or other conditions that increase the skin's sensitivity to light. So, if you are not in these situations you can enjoy a hair removal treatment.

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