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Hydration Facial Treatment

350 lei .... 75 min

 Dry skin makes the skin look and feel rough, induces an itchy sensation and can present a scaly appearance in certain areas of the face. Dry skin affects us not only through the unpleasant appearance it gives to our face, but this condition left untreated in time can lead to the appearance of dermatitis and wrinkles.

Working protocol: in this treatment we use professional cosmetic products, specially addressed to dry and dehydrated skin.  After the makeup removal and toning stage, we clean the skin gently, using  cavitational peeling (cleaning with a vibrating ultrasonic spatula) or we apply Hydradermabrasion (aqua peeling - cleaning with a jet of specific serums). Skin hydration will be achieved with the help of the Hyperbaric Oxygen procedure, introducing a moisturizing serum deep into the dermis with the help of a powerful jet of oxygen. Thanks to the oxygen jet, the moisturizing serum particles manage to penetrate the skin much more easily, thus determining its long-lasting hydration. Thus, a serum based on minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients is sprayed on the surface of the skin, and then, with the help of a powerful jet of high purity oxygen, it is pushed deep into the skin. 

We then apply an intensely moisturizing mask and let it act for 10 minutes and then a final, strongly moisturizing cream.

 The results are visible even after the first session, but our recommendation for a lasting result is to perform a package of facial treatments of 6 sessions in an interval of 3 months. Thus, the process of regeneration and hydration of the skin will be much stronger and will last a much longer time. The face will always be smooth, with a bright appearance.

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