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Beauty Spa

Body exfoliation

Body exfoliation for perfect skin and incredible well-being 

      Our skin needs deep cleansing and hydration, body exfoliation. It needs to be treated properly in order to enjoy a healthy, beautiful and bright appearance.
         Venim în contact cu praful, the pollution and impurities found in the air that settle on our skin. Nowadays more than ever, as we witness massive industrialization that taints and pollutes the air we breathe and our skin comes into contact with. That is why, whether we are men or women, we need periodic rituals of cleaning, detoxification and intense hydration of the skin, the skin, and the body.
       Our Lotus Center offers the opportunity to get rid of impurities on the surface skin through exfoliations that revitalize your skin leaving it smoother, firmer and more velvety every day.
  The exfoliation treatment removes dead cells and accumulated impurities from the surface of the skin. Even though our skin renews itself monthly, there are more adherent dead cells that cause the skin to look dull.

       Even out your skin texture and tone by choosing one of our body exfoliation treatments.



scrub + body wrapping

75 min

240 lei (instead of 280 lei)

scrub + wrapping + massage

2 hours

400 lei ( instead of 460 lei )

organic scrubs





Body scrub with a fruit scrub, with a fresh and fruity scent.

30 minutes

130  lei


The velvety aroma of chocolate or coffee, which leaves the skin soft and supple and revitalizes. The scrub smells so good it looks edible.

30 minutes

130 lei


Ginseng extract fights against free radicals, revitalizing the skin, softening it and restoring its youth.

30 minutes

130 lei

Spa Setting

Fruit or chocolate scrub for firm, smooth and glowing skin


The effect of fruits, chocolate, coffee, ginger will leave incredible marks on your skin. They will penetrate every millimeter in just a few tens of minutes so that in the end it looks better than ever.

       Choose one of the following gifts for a loved one. It's nice to receive, but sometimes it's nicer to give.

      Gomajul is a beauty treatment known and applied for hundreds of years. It uses natural ingredients and the effect on the skin is incredible. It is a natural method of revitalizing the skin.

      Initially it was applied to the skin, later on the whole body. The difference between the two is given by the ingredients used.

      Gommage comes from the French word gommaje translated as "to erase". Impurities are practically erased from the skin, revealing a velvety baby-like skin appearance.

      It is a treatment recommended not only for people who want to beautify their skin, but also for those who have skin problems and they need improvement.


  • Body scrub with a fruit scrub whose wonderful effect of refreshing and rejuvenating your skin will surprise you.

  • Gomaj with the most popular sweet in the world and the most enjoyed drink on the world map. The delicate aroma of chocolate and energizing coffee leaves your skin smoother, suppler and more revitalized.

  • Organic Coconut Ginger Gum. Ingredients that fight against free radicals, revitalizing the skin, softening it and restoring its youth. Gentle exfoliation leaves your skin feeling smoother.


Who is gommage recommended for and what are its benefits?

  • Deeply cleanses the skin;

  • Reduces excess sebum;

  • Moisturizes and illuminates the skin;

  • It soothes your skin.


       Because blood circulation is stimulated even for sensitive skin, it is recommended for people with skin irritation is relieved, the effect being a healthier and more beautiful complexion.

     It is also recommended for women with aging skin, with the help of this treatment the skin regains its firmness, elasticity and youthful appearance. 

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