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Facial Rejuvenation Treatment 

430 lei .... 75 min

Do you want a brighter complexion and 80% firmer, elastic and toned skin?


The non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatment helps your skin to rejuvenate and tone up after just a few sessions. It is a treatment based on multipolar radiofrequency and the infusion of concentrated active substances i


n the form of a serum with the help of hyperbaric oxygen and facial lifting obtained with the help of ultrasounds and microcurrents. The revolutionary radiofrequency treatment stimulates collagen production in the face, which will help you get rid of bags under the eyes, tones the sagging skin under the cheekbones for a firmer facial contour, reduces fat, eliminating the double chin and tones the sagging skin in neck area. When the collagen fibers in the skin are exposed to a certain amount of heat, their structure changes and contracts, which has the immediate effect of firmer skin in the treated area.


The electromagnetic fields help the oxygenation and circulation of the blood and the assimilation of nutrients, and the skin becomes smoother, brighter, with a younger appearance. The effect of radiofrequency is amplified by pulsed electromagnetic fields, a non-thermal mechanism emitted by the electrodes of the applicator. Through the synergistic process, facial radiofrequency directly heats and stimulates fibroblasts, while pulsed electromagnetic fields promote angiogenesis and induce fibroblast proliferation by releasing the growth factor FGF-2, resulting in increased collagen synthesis. With the help of Hyperbaric Oxygen, we will introduce a vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serum deep into the dermis, which will penetrate the skin much more easily, having a rejuvenating effect from the inside out. ​


We will achieve the lifting and toning effect with the help of ultrasounds and microcurrents, which will stimulate the muscles to regain their tone and elasticity.

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