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Asian therapies

Sauna Bucket

Hammam and Sauna
Choose a hammam ritual or a session at the Finnish sauna

Choose a hammam ritual: pampering for your body and soul

Combining the virtues of warmth, steam and natural beauty products, the hammam becomes a place of relaxation and purification to help you take your time and shed the stressed-filled layers you carry.

Session duration

Session duration

price / session


In this unique ritual you will find all the benefits of Turkish bathing rituals: light steam bath, general scrubbing with a scrub of your choice, which will be followed by massage  in a cloud of Aleppo soap foam . At the end, the skin will be hydrated by rinsing with warm water and fragrant argan oil. The skin regains its softness and beauty.

Includes: Wet sauna (20 min) + Scrub with black soap and the special kassa glove + Massage with Aleppo soap foam

60 min

240 lei


The experience begins with the relaxation of the whole body in the steam room of our hammam. This prepares the body for a refreshing exfoliation, with a scrub of your choice that will remove impurities and leave the skin clean and velvety. The whole experience will be completed with a general Intuitive massage, which includes a combination of techniques selected by our therapists especially for you, to relax the muscles and revitalize or relax the whole body, according to your preferences.

Includes: Wet sauna (20 min) + General scrub with fruit/coffee or chocolate scrub + Intuitive Massage (60 min)

90 min

350 lei


In this ritual you will enjoy all the benefits of the wet sauna, complemented by a general invigorating exfoliation and a delicate hydration with argan oil at the end.

Includes: Wet sauna (20 min) +General exfoliation with fruit/coffee or chocolate scrub

45 min

150 lei

Spa Setting

Your Signature SPA Ritual: Exfoliation, Wrap and Massage

 One of the most favorite spa rituals because it allows you to customize one of the most complex rituals.

 It's an experience you enjoy in 3 stages, because at the end you won't recognize your skin. It will look so good! 

1. For body exfoliation you can choose between a fruit scrub, an alum salt scrub or a chocolate scrub. The effects of a scrub on the skin are cleansing, toning and rejuvenating, being important for maintaining the health and beauty of the skin. Combined with massage, the detoxification and cleansing treatment has an excellent end result. A scrub removes dead skin cells, cleans it and stimulates blood circulation. The scrub cleans and purifies, but also detoxifies, rejuvenates and hydrates the skin.

2. You can choose the wrap with honey for deep hydration or the Slim wrap with anti-cellulite effect. You will feel how the honey deeply hydrates your skin, and this effect is long-lasting. If you want, you can opt for the green tea wrap with a detoxifying effect.

3. The one-hour general massage can also be customized by choosing between: the Relaxation Massage for a general state of well-being, the Therapeutic Massage to treat areas affected by physical ailments or the Deep Tissue or Intuitive Massage for an energizing and revitalizing effect.

   Choose your own ritual in an urban sanctuary you won't want to leave too soon!

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