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Laser Hair Removal for Legs

Enjoy the most effective and fastest permanent hair removal session for legs or calves with the Laser Depilight PRO device

Would you like to have beautiful, smooth, hair-free legs without the unsightly appearance of folliculitis or irritation?

Tired of spending a long time epilating only to end up with irritated skin and unsightly hair on your legs or calves after a short time?


It's time to get rid of this unpleasant routine and experience Ultimate Hair Removal with the latest generation Depilight PRO laser, available at Lotus SPA. With the help of this advanced technology, you will be able to get rid of unwanted hair on your legs or calves, whether you are a woman or a man.


You can test an area of ​​your choice for free, so you can decide if you want to get rid of hair on the whole leg or just on the calves. Imagine the joy of having perfect skin, without hair, with a flawless appearance.


With the help of the Definitive Laser Epilation for legs or calves from Lotus SPA, you will have a painless and quick process that will give you a lasting effect. You will be able to forget about painful and constant hair removal forever and enjoy smooth and beautiful skin without wasting time and money with other temporary hair removal methods. At the Lotus Premium SPA Clinic, the team of specialists will guide and advise you throughout the process of Permanent Epilation, ensuring that you get the best results and that your experience is a positive and comfortable one depending on your skin type and thread thickness of hair.


Choose to get rid of unsightly hairs on your legs or calves with the ultimate laser hair removal of the latest generation Depilight PRO from Clinica Lotus Premium SPA. Test for free an area of ​​your choice between your mustache or armpit and enjoy perfect hairless skin. We guarantee you won't regret it!

Enjoy the ultimate leg hair removal with laser that is having multiple benefits for your skin at Lotus Spa

Opt for a multitude of benefits when it comes to epilating your legs or calves. Here are just some of the advantages offered by Depilight PRO laser hair removal from the Lotus Premium SPA Clinic: Excellent results in a shorter time than other similar devices thanks to modern technology that uses 4 types of laser.


Maximum comfort during the procedure thanks to the skin cooling technology, which keeps the surface of the skin cool while the laser energy penetrates deep into the follicle.


This technology is rarely found in other devices, so they must reduce the laser energy used to protect the skin, leading to more sessions and higher costs. Effective epilation and increased protection for the skin thanks to the USP (Ultra Short Pulse) technology developed by Cocoon Medical, which allows the destruction of the hair after the first 3 milliseconds, without affecting the surrounding tissue. It improves the quality of the skin by effectively removing ingrown hairs and solving problems with folliculitis and hirsutism or hypertrichosis (excessive pilosity).


Saving time and the number of sessions needed. Depilight PRO is the fastest permanent hair removal device on the market, thanks to the repetition rate of the laser pulses and the different sizes of the applicators for a personalized treatment.


Epilation is completely painless thanks to the built-in "crystal freeze" cooling system, which adjusts the temperature generated by the light on the skin.

How safe is permanent hair removal with this device?

The hair removal method with the Depilight PRO device is 100% safe. The device is approved by the FDA and meets the quality standards ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, specific for medical equipment. So choose to transform the way you care for your feet with the help of this state-of-the-art technology and enjoy perfect, hair-free, flawless-looking skin.

Try the only permanent hair removal solution, laser hair removal

Often confused with the aforementioned pulsed light, laser hair removal is currently the only permanent hair removal solution. Laser hair removal destroys the hair bulb from the root, thus preventing it from multiplying. The laser beam being ultra-selective, leaves the surrounding tissue intact.


The great advantage of the laser is that it can be used on all areas of the body (except the area between the eyebrows).

How to prepare for laser hair removal

If you plan to undergo laser hair removal, you should limit plucking, waxing and electrolysis for 4 weeks prior to treatment. That's because the laser targets the roots of the hairs, which are temporarily removed by waxing or plucking.


You should also avoid sun exposure for 4 weeks before and after treatment and also avoid using tanning beds. 


Just before the procedure (ideally the night before), the hair to be treated will be shaved. 

  • It is important not to be under medical treatment - especially those for blood thinning (e.g.: aspirin, anti-inflammatories)

  • Avoid using certain creams – they can interfere with the treatment result;

  • Do not take a sauna or a hot shower on the day of the procedure - the skin becomes more sensitive and can be irritated.

If youif necessary, an anesthetic cream will be applied 20-30 minutes before the laser procedure, to provide the necessary comfort during the procedure.

Over the next month, your hair on the treated surface will fall. It is very important to use sunscreen (SPF 50) during the month next to prevent temporary changes in the color of the treated skin.

As a conclusion: Laser hair removal has already been tested by millions of women with extraordinary results. But there are many types of lasers, each with its own efficiency. For many years, the diode laser has had the best results, being more effective in the definitive hair removal treatment and gentler on the skin.

If you are tempted by a laser hair removal treatment, we recommend that you start with a small area that makes you unhappy, not with the whole body. Do your research before choosing a permanent hair removal center because the training of the staff and the quality of the laser make the difference and this is seen both in the number of sessions required and in the results obtained after each session. 

Take advantage of offers on permanent laser hair removal

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