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Definitive laser hair removal for the intimate area, buttocks, bikini line

Are you tired of spending money every month at the beauty salon, wasting hours of your life waxing or epilating? And more than anything suffer from pain during epilation? We know how frustrating it is to have to deal with this problem for months without getting satisfactory results, especially when you want to look flawless without going through an ordeal. But, now there is an effective and sustainable solution for this - the ultimate laser hair removal with the Depilight PRO device from Lotus Premium SPA. Depilight PRO is the most powerful permanent hair removal device of the moment and offers you the fastest results in just a few sessions. The device is able to evenly treat a large area of ​​skin with each pulse, thanks to the 4 different wavelengths, which results in fewer safe and faster sessions. Also, Depilight PRO is able to provide perfect permanent hair removal regardless of skin color and hair thickness, something that other hair removal devices cannot achieve. With Depilight PRO, you can forget the pain and the hours lost every month at the salon, and the low costs will save you money over time. You can opt for permanent epilation of the groin area, intimate area, buttocks, midriff or bikini line and you can test an area of ​​your choice for free through the Lotus Premium SPA program. Discover now the most effective method of permanent laser hair removal with the Depilight PRO device. Get the fastest results in a short time and make your life much easier and more comfortable. Choose now to enjoy a better lifestyle and perfectly smooth skin with the ultimate laser hair removal with the Depilight PRO device.

How to prepare for the laser hair removal session with Depilight PRO?

Before the first epilation session with Depilight PRO, the Lotus SPA specialist will provide you with all the information you need. It is recommended to shave with a razor before the treatment in the area to be epilated because the laser cannot distinguish between the hair above the skin and that under the skin. Also, avoid direct exposure to the sun before and after hair removal

How long can you expect results and how many hair removal sessions are needed?

Depilight PRO can provide the desired results in just 6-8 weeks, compared to 8-12 weeks with other permanent hair removal devices. However, the length of time between sessions can vary depending on various factors, generally being around 8 weeks. In addition, for most people, Depilight PRO reduces hair by more than 75% from the first session. Do not forget, however, that the hair does not fall out immediately after epilation, but after approximately 14 days after the procedure. Be prepared to experience impressive results that will help you enjoy smooth and hair-free skin in a much shorter time than other permanent hair removal devices.


You also need to consider some important contraindications. Permanent epilation with Depilight PRO in the intimate area is prohibited in the case of infections, open wounds, ulcerations or other conditions that can increase the skin's sensitivity to light. Also, laser hair removal treatments are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, as hormonal changes can trigger unwanted reactions in the body. It is important to consult a Lotus Premium SPA specialist before starting permanent hair removal procedures with Depilight PRO to assess the risks and benefits of the treatment according to your particular situation.

Recommendations for after the final waxing session in the groin area

If you want to enjoy the results, we recommend that you avoid sun exposure, hot showers or baths or sauna sessions for a while. Likewise, if you notice small strands of hair during the treatment, do not resort to any kind of epilation method as long as you follow the definitive epilation sessions for the inguinal, buttocks or infra-gluteal area. If certain irritations or stinging sensations occur, all you have to do is wait a few hours and they will disappear.

Take advantage of offers on permanent laser hair removal

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