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Body slimming

Using state-of-the-art technology, we support the body remodeling process by reducing cellulite, reducing adipose tissue and regaining skin firmness.
We start with a complete body assessment, and based on this we propose a personalized combination of procedures, wraps and massages that offer maximum efficiency in reaching the targeted objectives.




Toning and invigorating. Stimulates skin elasticity and activates blood circulation.

50 min

180 lei


Detoxifying and toning. Helps eliminate toxins and strengthens the immune system, nourishes the skin and deeply moisturizes it.

40 min

180 lei


Vigorous and high pressure massage. Tones and helps reduce the appearance of orange peel.

50 min

180 lei


Removal of dead cells, burning of adipose tissue and toning.


1. Body exfoliation.

2. Thermo-blanket packaging.

3. Anti-cellulite anti-cellulite massage (50 min)

2 hours

400 lei

Spa Setting

Your Signature SPA Ritual: Exfoliation, Wrap and Massage

 One of the most favorite spa rituals because it allows you to customize one of the most complex rituals.

 It's an experience you enjoy in 3 stages, because at the end you won't recognize your skin. It will look so good! 

1. For body exfoliation you can choose between a fruit scrub, an alum salt scrub or a chocolate scrub. The effects of a scrub on the skin are cleansing, toning and rejuvenating, being important for maintaining the health and beauty of the skin. Combined with massage, the detoxification and cleansing treatment has an excellent end result. A scrub removes dead skin cells, cleans it and stimulates blood circulation. The scrub cleans and purifies, but also detoxifies, rejuvenates and hydrates the skin.

2. You can choose the wrap with honey for deep hydration or the Slim wrap with anti-cellulite effect. You will feel how the honey deeply hydrates your skin, and this effect is long-lasting. If you want, you can opt for the green tea wrap with a detoxifying effect.

3. The one-hour general massage can also be customized by choosing between: the Relaxation Massage for a general state of well-being, the Therapeutic Massage to treat areas affected by physical ailments or the Deep Tissue or Intuitive Massage for an energizing and revitalizing effect.

   Choose your own ritual in an urban sanctuary you won't want to leave too soon!

Body Slimming procedures

Regardless of the area of ​​the body you want to reshape or your specific needs, we are here to help you enjoy the most effective body contouring, with visible results from the first session. Here are the procedures available in one of our beauty centers in Bucharest and Otopeni:


Cavitation, lasting 30 minutes, during which the high-performance technology that uses low-frequency ultrasound (20-40 Khz) helps you reduce excess adipose tissue.


Body radiofrequency. 30 minutes that gives you a toned, firm, stretched appearance of the skin, with the reduction of the appearance popularly called "orange peel".


Vacuum/ Cellu drain. 30 minutes in which the body's natural mechanisms are stimulated in the fight against cellulite, restoring skin tone and firmness.


Presso- therapy is another 40-minute body contouring procedure that helps eliminate toxins released in the body following body contouring procedures. Anti-cellulite wrap. All 40 minutes, which help you eliminate water retention, stimulate blood circulation and help eliminate fat.


Body exfoliation. A 30-minute pampering that removes dead cells, regenerates the skin and helps to open the pores and deep absorption of the active ingredients of the body wrap, Moisturizes, nourishes, softens.


What are your needs? Based on these, choose the body remodeling procedure that will give you a more beautiful body and firmer, more beautiful and healthier skin.

How does programming work? What are its stages?

Every body aesthetic package you decide to purchase gives you a free body assessment.

We start with weighing and analyzing body indicators, we evaluate muscle mass and adipose tissue, the degree of cellulite. We continue with the measurement of the areas you want to remodel and at the end we recommend the personalized package adapted to your beautification needs. We help you reduce the appearance of cellulite, excess fat and regain elasticity and firmness of the skin in record time, treatments and procedures that must be accompanied by a healthy diet, a daily exercise program and fabulous energy to achieve your goals proposed!


For BODY SLIMMING PERSONALISED SCHEMES, we offer discounts between 10% - 20%, depending on the value threshold reached after summing up all the procedures proposed by our aesthetic therapist. ​


The CANCELLATION POLICY of the appointments within the schemes is as follows: the appointment's cancellations made with less than 24 hours before, that session will be considered completed and will be deducted from the subscription. ​


The REFUND POLICY: the refund of the money paid in advance for the customized schemes can only be made if their validity period has not been exceeded, recalculating the cost of the sessions performed at the full price (without discount), the remaining difference being reimbursed for the sessions not performed.


What are your needs? Based on these, choose the body remodeling procedure that will give you a more beautiful body and firmer, more beautiful and healthier skin.



Cavitation 160 - 240 lei

Radiofrequency 160 - 240 lei

Vacuum/ Cellu Drain 160-240 lei

Presso-drenaige 150 lei

LIPOSONIX/ HIFU 7D 300-900 lei

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