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Acupressure Neck Massage


Choose a massage subscription in Bucharest at Lotus SPA and enjoy instant relaxation at special prices.

Want to get rid of the stress and anxiety in your hectic life? Do you want to have a relaxed, healthy and energized body? Do you want to connect more deeply with yourself?

Then choose to have a relaxing massage or a therapeutic one on a regular basis by calling for a massage subscription in Bucharest or Otopeni at Lotus Spa.

With any massage subscription, you will have access to a variety of massage therapies + surprises, specially designed to improve your mood and physical health both for you and your loved ones.

Plus, you'll get a discount so you can enjoy the benefits of massage consistently without paying a high price per session.








7 massage hours

3 months

1,085 lei

155 lei/ hour

200 lei/ hour


15 massage hours

6 months

2,100 lei

140 lei/ hour

200 lei/ hour


25 massage hours

12 months

3,125 lei

125 lei/ hour

200 lei/ hour


20 massage hours

12 months

2,300 lei

115 lei/ hour

200 lei/ hour

*Valid only for appointments made between  10.00-16.00, from Monday to Friday



The above subscriptions include all our standard massages:

Classic Relax, Zen for Men, Holistic Therapeutic, Intuitive Massage, Fusion Thai, Pressure Point Therapy, Deep Muscle Tonic, Lymphatic Detox, Reflex Therapy, Pregnancy Magic Glow, Kids Relax. Subscriptions can include the 50-minute anti-cellulite massage and the 45-minute therapeutic back massage with hot volcanic rocks, which are considered to be equivalent to one hour of standard massage.

You can choose to allocate your massage hours in sessions of 60 or 90 minute, depending on your preference.

For each session, a prior appointment is required, specifying the desired duration and the type of massage you prefer.

The subscription will be paid in full when they will be released.

Subscriptions can be shared between family members or close friends. For this we will need the names of all the beneficiaries, at the time of making the subscription.


we offer discounts between 10% - 20%, depending on the value threshold reached. Here you will find all body remodeling services: https://www.lotuspremiumspa.com/remodelare-corporala-bucuresti-otopeni

Cancellation policy: the scheduled appitments must be done 2 days in advance. If the massage sessions will be canceled with less than 24 hours in advance, the session will be taken from the subscription.

Refund Policy: in case the subscription will be canceled by the client, we can pay the money back only if the subscription is still valid, recalculating the cost of the sessions performed at the full price (without discount), The remaining difference for the sessions that were not performed will be reimbursed.

Oferte Abonamente masaj
Dropper Bottle

Here are some reasons why you should purchase a spa massage membership at Lotus Spa:

  1. You enjoy constant deep relaxation: Massage is one of the most effective ways to relax and get rid of the tension built up in your body. Whether you are dealing with back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain, our experienced therapists will provide you with a personalized massage that will remove all the tension from your body.

  2. You improve your physical health: When you choose a massage subscription you get a constant meal that not only relaxes you, but also helps improve your physical health. Massage helps reduce inflammation, improves blood circulation and increases muscle flexibility.

  3. Boosting mental health: We all want to be more relaxed and in a good mood and achieve that peaceful state. Massage helps reduce stress and anxiety, improves sleep and increases energy and productivity. After a massage session, you will feel better and have a more positive state of mind.

  4. Luxurious experience: Lotus Spa is an oasis of relaxation and comfort that will give you a luxurious massage experience every time. Don't you want such an experience all the time?  In addition, our therapists are well trained and experienced so you can enjoy a personalized and quality massage session .

So  choose to purchase a massage subscription in Bucharest at Lotus Spa  and you will have access to the best massage therapies, at favorable prices and with amazing benefits for your physical and mental health.

Give yourself impressively relaxing moments in a luxurious setting that will give you balance, relaxation of mind, body and soul by taking advantage of the massage offer in Bucharest at Lotus Premium Spa.

Discover the massage offer in Bucharest at Lotus SPA suitable for your needs

Why choose a subscription and not individual sessions?

First of all, our subscriptions give you  substantial discounts on standard prices and have a long validity period.

Second, you can   schedule long-term massage sessions with your favorite therapists, choosing flexible durations of 60 or 90 minutes depending on your availability.

Third, the practice of getting a weekly massage is invaluable for maintaining your health by enjoying the benefits of massage consistently over the long term.


Choose to have deep relaxation experiences, constantly at special prices by choosing a massage subscription according to your preferences.

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