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Anti-Redness Facial Treatment

350 lei .... 75 min

Cuperosis is a dermatological condition characterized by the dilation of the capillaries on the face in response to effort, emotions or variations in ambient temperature. The condition is more frequently encountered in the case of people who associate a decreased elasticity at the level of the blood capillaries. Cuperosis is manifested by the appearance of an erythema especially in the area of the chin, nose and cheeks. Rosacea or rosacea acne is a chronic dermatological condition that involves skin erythema accompanied by inflammatory lesions similar to acne. The incidence of rosacea is higher among menopausal women with light skin.

Without treatment for couperose/rosacea, over time the redness tends to become more intense and visible, and bumps or pimples may appear on the face.

The skin affected by cuperosis or rosacea is very sensitive and needs a special approach. It is essential to be treated with products that specifically target this condition, in order to reduce and control their unwanted signs. Light-based technology workedworks very well in this regard, along with professional cosmetic products, specialized for the treatment of rosacea and cuperosis respectively.


The benefits of this treatment

1. minimizes breakouts associated with rosacea

2. reduces the appearance of blood vessels on the face 

3. limits redness in the area of the nose and cheeks

It is not known exactly what causes this condition, but an important role is played by the genetic factor and exposure to the environment. 

If your redness is due to environmental factors, take steps to keep your temperature steady, stay out of the sun, and even consider eating more green leafy vegetables, fish, or turmeric, which have anti-inflammatory properties. It is also very important to use a cream with a high sun protection factor.

The specialized facial treatment addressed to this type of skin, the use of suitable cosmetic products and the care of the way you expose yourself to environmental factors will help you reduce the appearance of redness.

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