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Engaged Couple

Couple Massageu


Couple massage in Bucharest and Otopeni

Discover relaxation with your loved one

Are you looking for an unforgettable experience with your significant other? Do you need to relax and reconnect with your partner in a new and fascinating way?

A perfect solution for you is the couples massage offered by Lotus Spa in Bucharest or Otopeni.





This is a deep relaxing massage, relieves muscle tension and contractions and relieves postural problems. It is a massage performed with a medium pressure, which is addressed to people with low mobility.

Includes: General therapeutic massage (90 min) + Champagne for 2 people

2 hours

550  lei


For a special couple experience we will reserve one of our couple rooms, which have massage beds placed next to each other.

This package is designed to deeply relax the muscles and the central nervous system, being a very popular spa delicacy in the cold season. Improves sleep and relieves stress.

Includes: Hot Volcanic Rock Massage (60 min) I Plantar Reflexology (30min) I Champagne for 2

2 hours

620 lei


Massage our signature.

It uniquely combines relaxation massage techniques from around the world.

It deepens self-awareness. Provides deep relaxation. Balance.

Includes: General Lotus Peaceful Escape Massage (90 min) + Champagne for 2 people

2 hours

620 lei


This package begins with a relaxation session in the Finnish sauna, followed by a general massage of 75 minutes, to choose from: Classic Relax, Deep Muscle Tonic or Holistic Therapeutic, depending on your preferences. Of course, you can not miss a massage of the scalp and cervical area, for a deep relaxation, complemented by aromatherapy and a pampering with heated towels. This package can only be made at our location in Otopeni.

Includes: Finnish Sauna (20 min) + General Massage (75 min)  + Champagne for 2 people

2 hours

620 lei


A visit to the spa is the dream of many young ladies, who feel the need to be pampered and treated like an adult.

  The tea ritual taken together will make her feel special and important, and will lead her into a magical atmosphere. Massage performed simultaneously on the adjacent beds in our canopy rooms will bring you a state of deep relaxation and delight of all the senses and a connection to a deep level.

You can choose any type of massage from our standard one-hour general massages and for your kid we have a massage specially conceived for children. You will do the massages simultaneously in one of our double room.

This experience includes: General relaxation massage (60 min) for 2 people + Aromatherapy

60 min

380 lei


Do you want a special experience with your kid? Have you exhausted almost all options so far?

Then this package is perfect for the moments when you want to connect and spend time as a boy. Even if it seems unlikely to sit quietly for an hour during the massage, we assure you that he will fully enjoy this experience and he will want to include it more often in your program.

You can choose any type of massage from our standard one-hour general massages and for your kid we have a massage specially conceived for children. You will do the massages simultaneously in one of our double room.


This experience includes: General relaxation massage (60 min) for 2 people + Aromatherapy

60 min

380 lei

spa stones

There comes a day when we feel the need to remind ourselves how important the person next to us is and to connect with them in a deep and personal way.
Daily routine and stress can make us forget this need or even distance ourselves from the person we love. Or to experience relaxation individually without involving the other person who may have the same need for relaxation as we do.
That's why couple's massage is a relaxing and reconnecting experience that can improve relationships and bring a special glow to a couple's life while both partners relax and have a good time.
In addition, the benefits that you can benefit from after this message is one that will help you live in harmony and enjoy life with a new energy.

Benefits of a Couple's massage in Bucharest or Otopeni, in a lush and relaxing location

Choose to celebrate love in a unique way, offering a special sensory experience with the person you love.

At Lotus Spa, we offer you  massage packages specially designed for couples, which include champagne for two at the end of the therapy.

This small attention will complete your relaxation experience and add a special touch of romance, thus helping you to reconnect with each other. Choose to remember why you are so special to each other. Experience a couples massage at Lotus Spa and you will enjoy a unique, relaxing and unforgettable experience with amazing benefits:

  • Creating an intimate space: The couples massage offered by Lotus Spa will allow you to relax and focus on each other in an intimate and comfortable environment, away from the noise and stress of the city. The relaxing and romantic atmosphere of the salon will help you relax and open up to your partner.

  • Stress reduction: Massage is a great way to reduce stress levels and improve overall health. Through couples massage, you will be able to relax together with your partner and get rid of the daily tension.

  • Relationship Enhancement: Most couple problems can stem from stress and tension, so couples massage is a great way to relax, connect and strengthen your relationship. You will feel closer and more connected than before. Unique experience will allow you to discover each other in a new and exciting way.


 You can opt for different types of massage such as the Holistic Therapeutic massage which helps to release tension and muscle contractions, Delicious Duet, a particularly relaxing body and mind massage on extremely comfortable beds, Peaceful Escape, a massage which combines several techniques from around the world totally rebalancing your body, mind and soul and deepening self-awareness, but also many other types of massage.

         Regardless of what you choose, you will enjoy relaxation in an intimate, relaxing and pleasant setting and champagne at the end.

Massage with your daughter or son

In the couple's messages we offer you the opportunity to pamper your daughter or son at the same time you relax. If you want to offer your children a unique experience that will bring them a multitude of benefits such as time spent elsewhere by you (mom or dad) as well as relaxation and harmony in a very special setting.

Discover Girls Spa Day for mom and daughter or Daddy and Me for dad and son and enjoy relaxing messages and connecting on a much deeper level.

Within these massages you can choose the massage option you want and your daughter or son will have a special massage for children.

In addition, you will also enjoy aromatherapy and Maracons at the end to enjoy a complete experience together.

Choose a body, mind and spirit gift for yourself and your children and discover an impressive way to connect and relax.

Discover relaxation with your loved one

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