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Teenagers Facial Treatment

350 lei .... 75 min

Regular visits to the esthetician are incredibly helpful for teens in their battle with normal teenage acne and hormonal changes. There are several benefits for which it is important to start early with facial treatments in a professional cosmetic office: ​


1. Learn healthy skin care habits The number one benefit is the educational factor.

Today, many teenagers are turning to the Internet, where YouTube videos can teach them ineffective or even harmful skin care methods. An esthetician doesn't just want to give a facial and move on, they want to see long-term results by teaching people how to take care of their skin. As soon as a teenager starts to see signs of early breakouts, it is important that someone teaches them healthy skin care habits, encourages them to clean their face daily with the right products and turn to a cleansing facial, to avoid aggressive removal of blackheads or pimples at home, thus avoiding the appearance of scars on the face.

2 – Combat Teenage Acne Flareups Due to Hormonal Changes

During the teenage years, acne can be frustrating to treat for teens. Regular facials from the aestheticians, as teenage acne is often labile and unpredictable. If an acne flare occurs or if the teenager’s acne treatment regimen is not helping it is great to have a point of communication with a professional.

3 – Teen Facials Keep Skin Clearer Between Dermatologist Visits

Once your teen has a good acne management plan, you may not visit the dermatologist very often. Most patients with acne only visit their dermatologist once or twice a year for checkups, and they may come in when there is a concern. Treatments performed by aestheticians such as “Basic microdermabrasion, enzymatic peels, Hydrafacials, and extractions are all tools that augment the medical therapies that I prescribe and help teenagers to see their effects earlier. Between visits, these facials can help to keep your teen’s skin clearer, and they make the impact of long-term acne treatments visible more quickly.

What Happens During Teen Facials?

Your teen’s facial will be uniquely geared toward meeting their individual needs and keeping their skin healthy.  The aesthetician will likely start by asking about your teen’s skincare routine and current acne treatments. They will determine skin type to ensure they can directly address the teen’s individual needs.

  • Face cleansing and toning 

  • Exfoliation - with an ezymatic peeling

  • Soften and open pores 

  • Deep cleasing - extractions and hydrofacial.

  • Skin calming - with cool hammer and a personalised face mask

  • Final hydration with a personalised face cream

  • Fototerapy

  • Recomandation for home skin care

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