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This package is especially addressed to expectant mothers! The pregnancy period is a really special one, in which the future mother fully deserves to be relaxed and pampered.

This package includes a Prenatal Massage and a Facial Rejuvenation Facial Treatment.

Prenatal massage (60 min) is a therapy with two major benefits: Relax and Relax the muscles. Reduces muscle and joint pain, has the effect of energizing and stimulating the central nervous system.

Facial rejuvenation (40 min): includes a combination of microdermarbartion and the infusion of a cocktail of serums suitable for each skin type, with the help of hyperbaric oxygen. This treatment nourishes the skin in depth, restoring its radiance, brightness and firmness.

Duration: 100 minutes

The services included in this package can be performed in different sessions, on different days, with prior appointment.

Voucher validity period: 6 months

The voucher can be used in any of our two locations:

Lotus Spa Bucharest or Lotus Spa Otopeni

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